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Do us a product review, get redeem the shipping cost to your account, or even the whole cost you paid.

Once order arrival and you happy with them. Why not do us a review?

If your footage looks helpful, will return you the review item shipping cost to your account as store balance for your other items.

If you are wonderful reviewer, and you get us an amazing review video, we would happy to credit the whole cost of the item you review into your account, and looking forward to your next order and review.

If your footage only fair enough, we will return certain amount of shipping cost to you but not in full.

Terms and Conditions.

You are agree to use your footage. Youtube review in any languages.
You footage must mention your item from us. (

Picture Scheme : Take some pictures and comment to us. We will return certain amount of shipping cost to you also, we want others to know how our customer received their product with us. Best with your face with the items. (you are agree we will use your pictures on our website)

Send us your review link to with title "review" with your order ID and name.

If you have store credit with our last shopping cart, remember to create a new account, and contact us for Store Credit merge into your new account.

For Existing Customer, please goto Here for more information.

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