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This week only credit


We are now in debug processing for new store.

Here is a screenshoot of how it might look like when we completed.

We are now looking sourcing for Survival / Tactical Gear from all different suppliers, and this will get us into more variety. and with more suppliers, we will have more stable and reliable supply when in process.

We might skip Airsoft Parts and related , and as our name is Combat Gearinging. We are now coming to more realistic world, which tools and gears for survival. We are now in discuss about if some item can be post on-line, which like knifes and tools.

Once we have completed and switch to new store system, please recreated your account, and if you have store credit with us, please contact us, and we will transfer your store credit into new system with more function for your new shopping experience with us.



  • After Careful Decidion. We have decided to swtich our online store into next generation e-system, for more options and clear layout.
  • For Product and Business Mode, we will import all remain stock for clearance for system running and testing.
  • We are now looking for new excitied products, to offer all our new and exisitng customers.
  • This will take sometime for this transfer. Please be patient with us.
  • Once new site is ready, we have to ask if any exisiting user can re-created a new account, and if you have any store credit, we will then added into new sytem on request.


AEG Runner Forum Airsoft, Combat Free Forum - You might want to discuss about Airsoft for free


We are getting items for exisiting order from other supplier, and will arrival in coming week, and we will dispatch your order, and do not worry, since we are now busy for stock clearance and business changing process.

Important notice 31/07/2014

As Business Mode is now change, we might become Re-seller /Wholesale Site / Getting to Sell other related product which will get our exisiting customer interested.

We have been reported by our supplier and other retailer, our site selling price are too low and too close to wholesales price. So we are now agree (first discuss) with our supplier and changing our business mode to Re-seller site, then we can give you even lower price, but will have some requirment.

We are understand this will lead to losing customer, in return, we have set our min requirement to the lowest, to keeping customer who are always buy our item to their teammate.

More updated will be coming once we have discuss with our suppliers.

Notes: This will not affect our exisiting customer and their order. We are still processing your order.

and if you are interested about Re-seller, please contact us / keeping your eyes with us

Now we are having per year Stock Clearance sales. up to 40% off

All in stock items are now for sale, during we are merging to other supplier line (Few Business Days), this will help us to provide you morerange of items.

Meanwile, as changing supplier, we now having this HUGH sale for all your support. YouTube Channel

Gamers with us now

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Airsoft, Softair, Airsoft Parts, Airsoft Gun, BB Gun, Airsoft Electric Gun AEG, Gas Blowback Guns, Spring Guns, Combat Gear and more with Worldwide Shipping .
Disclaimer: All Airsoft Guns are NOT real firearms. All airsoft guns sold to US customers are affixed with an orange tip or paint permanently.

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